Project Description

For decades, Holiday Inn has been the home away from home for countless travelers and visitors across the world. When management selected CVMORE LED’s for a recent retrofit project, we knew the lighting had to provide a warm and inviting feeling to their temporary, but very important guests. Not only did the new lighting have to compliment the decor and aesthetics of the hotel, it also had to be consistent throughout the different common and private areas. The scope of the project was very large, and included replacing nearly all of the existing fixtures with LED throughout the entire facility.

It was clear that the existing halogen fixtures had to go. For one, halogen bulbs emit very high levels of heat, so much so it can create a fire hazard. They can also be dangerous to the touch, which poses an obvious safety risk. For a facility fully equipped with halogen lighting, the heat emitted from the halogen fixtures can cause the cooling and ventilation systems to work harder in order to maintain a comfortable temperature for the occupants, which in turn can raise the overall monthly utility bill. For these reasons, the move to CVMORE LED was the right choice.

The retrofit would call for the replacement of lighting in the common areas, hallways, guest rooms, maintenance areas and kitchen as well. In the entry hall, which included the reception desks and lounge area, the existing halogen lighting was replaced with CVMORE LED A Type bulbs. The decorative lighting fixtures were replaced with candelabra style LED’s, providing a rich and luxurious feeling to the area, while maintaining the overall goal of energy efficiency. The hallway flood lights were replace with CVMORE LED flood lights, providing a soft and inviting atmosphere as guests would enter their rooms.

The guest rooms featured a combination of A Type halogens as well as flood lights. These were both replaced by our line of CVMORE LED’s. When the common areas and guest rooms were completed, the retrofit concluded with the maintenance areas and the kitchen. The existing lighting in these areas featured fluorescent T-8’s. These were replaced with our ultra reliable and long lasting CVMORE LED T-8’s.

In total, 2,500 halogen and fluorescent lights were replaced in the form of CVMORE LED A Type, Candelabra, Flood, and T-8 lamps. This all encompassing retrofit reduced the lighting expenses by a substantial 85%, while increasing the facilities green footprint as well. The problems associated with the use of halogen, including excessive heating, have been eliminated and will contribute to a reduction in cooling and ventilation costs. This retrofit project will provide Holiday Inn with consistent, high quality and maintenance free light for years to come.