Project Description

CVMORE LED’s were installed in a recently upgraded KFC as part of a lighting retrofit project. With close to 20,000 restaurants in over 120 countries, we knew this LED update had to follow the consistency and continuity displayed by the locations across the globe. Retaining the ambiance of the existing lighting, while improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption was the priority of the project.

The current lighting proved to be inefficient and dated. The restaurant’s existing lights consisted of 250 halogen bulbs in the dining area, and another 100 fluorescent lamps used among the dining area and the kitchen. The exterior of the restaurant was lit by 6 metal halide flood lights as well. After measuring up the existing lighting to the benefits of LED, it was clear to management that an upgrade was the right choice both in terms of economics and maintenance.

The retrofit began with the dining area, where the existing halogen lamps were replaced with CVMORE LED’s. This provided the familiar lighting that KFC customers expect, while also reducing heat emissions, making for a more comfortable experience. The kitchen lighting, which used the majority of the fluorescent lamps, was replaced with energy efficient CVMORE LED T-8’s. The metal halide flood lights on the exterior were addressed as well, being replaced with their equivalent in LED.

Over 300 lamps were replaced in total, providing clean, cool lighting in both the dining area and the kitchen. These lights will continue to provide high quality lighting for years to come, with virtually no maintenance. This is very important considering the popularity of the restaurant, which simply could not subject itself to any temporary closures due to lighting related issues.

The LED retrofit in the dining area and kitchen reduced lighting expenses by 70%. Prior to the retrofit, the metal halide, halogen and fluorescent lamps all emitted uncomfortable levels of heat. Now, the LED equipped dining room provides a higher level of comfort for customers. Furthermore, The replacement of these very hot halogen lights will also contribute to the reduction of ventilation and cooling expenses.

The kitchen, which eliminated the use of the old fluorescent lamps, now provides more comfortable, better quality, and reliable lighting for the staff. The shatter-resistant housings and mercury-free construction of our LED T-8’s also improve safety conditions of the kitchen. All in all, CVMORE LED’s proved to be the excellent choice for KFC, succeeding in providing familiar lighting with superior energy efficiency and reliability.