Project Description

Mercedes-Benz recently converted one of their premium dealerships to CVMORE LED from conventional lighting. Their existing fixtures, consisting of mostly metal halide and fluorescent lights were not delivering the desired results, and the frequent maintenance was becoming inconvenient. The retrofit took place throughout the dealership, including the showroom, office areas and maintenance facility. For a company that places so much emphasis on design and quality, we knew our products had to deliver in terms of both aesthetics and dependability.

The staff understood full well the importance of lighting when it came to showcasing their automobile collection, and how it could directly influence sales. This posed an interesting challenge, since Mercedes uses a wide array of shapes and finishes on their automobiles. The high gloss, metallic flake and matte paint elements all react differently to lighting, as do their profiles and accents. However, all of these elements had to be complimented through the use of the same LED assortment.

The retrofit began with the showroom, where the existing metal halide fixtures were replaced by one hundred 70 watt CVMORE LED recessed down lights. Their clarity and brightness were characteristics that were important to the Mercedes Benz team. Furthermore, a long lifespan was crucial, since many of these lights were in hard to reach areas, making replacement difficult. These down lights provided rich and vibrant overhead lighting not just for the car collection, but also the common areas which customers frequented. An additional five 150 watt CVMORE LED high base lights were installed over the reception desks to help guide customers to the support staff.

When the showroom was completed and approved, the next conversion took place in the sales offices. The existing lighting was comprised of eighty fluorescent troffers. These were converted to 40 watt CVMORE LED troffers, which provided warm and inviting light to both the customers and the salespeople. This retrofit then moved to the maintenance facility, which proved to be the largest project of the entire retrofit. The existing, dated fluorescent T-8 tubes were replaced with one thousand 18 watt CVMORE LED T-8 linear tubes. This provided crucial lighting for the sometimes hazardous environment, where safety plays the most important role.

The Mercedes Benz retrofit succeeded in providing clean, consistent high quality lighting throughout all the different departments. The lighting expenses dropped by a substantial 47% due to the elimination of the fluorescent lights. The replacement of the metal halide fixtures ensures a maintenance free lighting environment for years to come. The improved lighting quality also contributed greatly to the maintenance facility, which will have undoubtably positive effects on the safety and performance of the workers.

The results are most evident in the showroom, where the one hundred CVMORE LED recessed down lights shine down proudly onto the newest models of the iconic automobile maker. The LED’s compliment all the contours, shapes and lines of the collection. Furthermore, these new down lights bring the best out of both the vivid and conservative paint schemes. The metallic sparkles are now further accented, and the more subtle finishes are presented in a clean and consistent fashion, catering to a variety of Mercedes Benz customers.