Project Description

Recently, CVMORE products were installed in a newly renovated Nike Store in the form of a retail LED retrofit. For us, having our products used by such an iconic brand was a real treat. However, special care had to be taken from the beginning to ensure the lighting would represent the brand and imagery in an appropriate and complimenting way. This posed an interesting challenge, since the retrofit not only had to provide superior lighting, it also had to be used in a way to showcase products in an enticing fashion.

The 60,000+ employee company has an extensive and rich product line, ranging in colors and materials that all react differently to the lighting being directed onto them. We knew the application of our lights would have to have a positive impact on the store’s marketing efforts, both in drawing in potential customers and highlighting select products. Furthermore, it was very important for the high foot-traffic store to implement lighting that would last for years to come and not require any maintenance, that could potentially result in a temporary closure.

After examining the benefits of LED lighting, Nike selected CVMORE for the high quality, brightness and long lifetime of our lighting. After approval from management, the process of replacing the fixtures (in a time efficient manner) began. The existing lighting, which comprised of metal halide fixtures, have several disadvantages. For one, they gave off an excessive amount of heat, which posed obvious risks. Their short lifespan requires frequent maintenance, and have to be replace roughly 6x more frequently than LED (8,000 hours vs 50,000 hours). Lastly, the pricing was very high for such a low lifespan product. It was clear LED was an upgrade in several ways.

The objective of the retrofit was to provide warm, inviting lighting to showcase and highlight Nike’s seasonal collection at key areas around the store. This was to be done through the use of a combination of CVMORE track lights and down lights. The retrofit began with the removal of the existing metal halide fixtures and the installation of a total of two hundred track lights at several sections around the store. This was accented by an additional five down lights, which highlighted each subsection of the floor plan.

The retrofit managed to achieve several benefits over the previous lighting used. The conversion from metal halide to CVMORE LED cut the light expenses of the store by over thirty percent. These results were very impressive considering metal halide, for all of their disadvantages, are quite efficient. Maintenance, which was sometimes as frequently as 2 to 3 months, is now virtually non existent and will continue to be for years to come. There is no longer any excessive heat coming from the lamps, which increases the overall comfort level of the customer.

The CVMORE LED products did an excellent job at highlighting Nike’s collection around the store. The Color Rendering Index of over 85, made for more vidid and true coloring of the products. This was very complimenting to the different materials and textures used throughout the Nike product line. Special attention was paid to highlight particular collections, which in turn drove interest to these items. The LED retrofit created a template for showcasing future collections, all of which will be complemented by the warm and inviting characteristics of CVMORE LED lighting.