Project Description

CVMORE LED’s were recently installed in a Southern California private luxury estate. The home, which featured expansive common areas and foyers, used many dated recessed down lights, halogen spotlights and fluorescent hi hats. The 11,000 square foot mansion proved several interesting challenges, including numerous vaulted ceilings and decorative lights throughout. Not only were these current lights extremely inefficient, the difficult accessibility to these lights proved to be a problem for the homeowners. The frequent maintenance caused great inconvenience, and made it difficult to immediately address any burnt out lamp. The CVMORE LED update had to provide high quality, consistent light for years to come.

The lighting update called for the replacement of all the lights in the common areas, private rooms and restrooms, as well as the front yard and backyard areas. Being a luxury estate, the quantity of lights was much higher than a traditional home. The chandeliers featured dozens of incandescent candelabra lamps, and nearly all of the restrooms featured six or more lamps over the vanities. The common areas featured over one hundred recessed fluorescent down lights. All of the existing spotlights, MR 16’s, and recessed down lights were replaced, one by one, with their equivalent CVMORE LED counterpart.

The conversion to CVMORE LED dropped the homes’ lighting bill by an impressive 71%. This was all done while maintaining the feel and luxurious characteristics of the estate. The chandeliers and luxury fixtures are now equipped with CVMORE LED candelabra style bulbs, retaining the characteristics and feel of the previously used conventional bulbs. The vanities and restrooms are now illuminated with Edison style lamps, providing a rustic feel with great energy savings. The remaining common areas and private rooms featuring CVMORE LED recessed down lights, now provide brighter, more clear and better quality light than before, while also contributing to reducing the home’s utility bill.