Project Description

Few brands have the recognition, popularity, and loyalty on the same level as Starbucks. With over 23,000 locations in dozens of countries, its hard to find a place that doesn’t have an appreciation for their products. When management decided on CVMORE LED’s for a retrofit project, we were proud to work with a brand that was so world renowned.

The high traffic cafe called for a full retrofit that would match the ambiance of their existing lighting, while also accommodating their decorative fixtures. The retrofit called for replacing the existing lighting in the common area, the small kitchen, and behind the bar. The existing lighting was composed mostly of recessed fluorescent cans, with GU10 spotlights at the bar. Additional spotlights were used to illuminate the signage and the menu.

Matching the existing lighting posed a slight challenge, considering how consistent and particular the lighting environment is in each Starbucks. Starting with the common area, all of the existing eighteen recessed fluorescents had to be replaced with CVMORE LED recessed lights. The thirteen pendant style decorative fixtures, which are so synonymous with Starbucks, had to remain, so here we simply replaced the lighting with candelabra style LED bulbs.

The working areas, including the bar and kitchen were addressed next. The bar area, which called for more direct and unidirectional lighting, used CVMORE LED GU10 spotlights. These same GU10’s were used to illuminate the menu and signage as well. The small, but efficient kitchen area featured twelve fluorescent T8’s which were replaced with their equivalent CVMORE LED’s.

Although the Starbucks project did not feature a large amount of lighting, the retrofit among the common area, bar and kitchen contributed to substantial energy reduction. The lighting bill was reduced by 79%, while retaining the feel and mood of the previously used lighting. The existing pendant fixtures reacted wonderfully to the LED bulbs, and the CVMORE LED GU10’s lit the menu with brighter, cleaner and more efficient light than before. This retrofit will provide Starbucks with high quality, dependable lighting for years to come.